Get 24 Sewing Patterns at 90% off!

Get 24 Sewing Patterns at 90% off!

The Big Bag Bundle Sale is here! From September 13-18, 2023, get 24 amazing sewing patterns for just $24.95....that's 90% off!!

I'm excited to have one of my more popular patterns included in this Bundle Sale. The sale is a great way to support your favorite pattern designers. But, did you know that the designers only get credit for Bundle Sale purchases made through their unique link? So if there is a designer that you just love and want to support, please consider purchasing your Bundle through their unique link.

If you would like to support me, please purchase your Bundle through my link here:  (Thank you!!)

This offer only comes around twice a year and it's different patterns every time. So each bundle is never to be repeated, never to be found again. Avoid FOMO and get your bundle today!

Offer expires September 18 at midnight (UTC -5).

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